OptEEmAL-SWIMing VoCamp: 13-14 October 2016
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Workshop on Interoperable data models for

Building's Life Cycle Energy Management Processes

OptEEmAL-SWIMing Vocamp

13–14 October 2016, University College London, England


This workshop will bring together experts in the area of interoperable data models for supporting energy efficient processes during the operational stage of a building's life cycle. The goals of the workshop are to explore different data domains of relevance to energy efficient building design and operation, including occupancy (activity and comfort), building products and devices, building control and communications, measurement data and also geolocation and data related to the building external environment (e.g. weather, district, energy tariffs), and thermal simulation modelling.

The objectives of the workshop are to:

  1. Disseminate the current state of the art with respect to open data standards and technologies related to BIM, Sustainable Buildings and Web of Data.
  2. Identify data domains and key concepts of relevance, in particular, concepts which are required across data domains.
  3. Uncover alignments between identified concepts with existing standards.
  4. Development of a Research and Educational roadmap in the fields of BIM and linked building data and identify relevant research directions.
  5. Knowledge and solution co-creation for global sustainability challenges hinges upon availability of open data sets; this activity will contribute to understanding and will foster an exchange towards the development of core technologies for data sharing and data discovery.

Who Should Attend?

Participants are invited to propose, submit, bring and present their own data and ontologies to the VoCamp if there is a clear link with the data domains being explored. Throughout the workshop, a selected number of these proposals will be presented, together with the targeted use case. Hereafter, a number of ontology engineering sessions will be held, supported by the BIM*Q tool (formely ReqCap tool), allowing participants to model exchange requirements and mapping definitions into a practically usable result.


The OptEEmAL-SWIMing VoCamp will take place in Wilkins Building, Haldane Room (Gower Str, London, WC1E 6BT).

Dinner will be a 'stand up' dinner on Thursday straight after the workshop.


Dimitrio Rovas


In case of any dietary or accessibility requirements, or for any question, please send an email to the organizers.