SWIMing VoCamp Workshop - 22-23 March 2016

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SWIMing VoCamp Workshop

22–23 March 2016, Dublin, Ireland


The ifcOWL - SAREF - FIEMSER VoCamp continues the series of VoCamps covering various topics related to the use and development of vocabularies for the implementation of new services in the context of energy efficient buildings. After Adapt4EE and Ready4SmartCities, the SWIMing project has taken over the responsibility for organizing the VoCamps. The event will be organized in cooperation with a number of EU projects, the W3C LBD Community Group and the buildingSMART Linked Data working group. The focus of this VoCamp is to discuss exchange requirements for selected use cases, focusing particularly on the mapping to relevant ontologies like ifcOWL, SAREF, and FIEMSER.

The event will be an excellent opportunity for those involved with the use of the aforementioned ontologies to demonstrate how they apply them, as well as for those planning to use building data in combination with smart appliance data and sensors. Participants will be able to see where and how these ontologies are currently being applied, and how they can be properly linked to their own data in order to meet their own use cases.

The main goals of the workshop are:

Who Should Attend?

Participants are invited to propose, submit, bring and present their own data and ontologies to the VoCamp, especially if there is a clear link with the ifcOWL, SAREF, or FIEMSER ontologies. Throughout the VoCamp, a selected number of these proposals will be presented, together with the targeted use case. Hereafter, a number of ontology engineering sessions will be held, supported by the ReqCap tool, allowing participants to model exchange requirements and mapping definitions into a practically usable result.

The following projects have confirmed their interest in contributing use cases and requirements as well as to share their experiences in using various ontologies are: eeEmbedded, Holisteec, CASCADE, RESILIENT, STREAMER, OptEEmAL, IMPRESS, DAREED, NewTREND, WISDOM, Vicinity, GreenCOM. If you are interested in joining us, please send the SWIMing team an e-mail: SWIMing Contact


The SWIMing VoCamp Workshop is taking place in O'Callaghans ALEXANDER Hotel.

Which is right beside Trinity College Dublin TCD College Green, Dublin 2, Ireland

We will have a social dinner Tuesday evening (to be finalised)


SWIMing organizers

In case of any dietary or accessibility requirements, or for any question, please send an email to the organizers.